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Inspired by our Founder – two time U.S. State Debate Champion and Stanford University alumnus, Rajiv Kacholia. Read about our Founder's background and why he has brought this exciting social impact initiative for high achieving students in India, by clicking here.


Join gifted students globally participating in Speech and Debate India's high energy, live online classes, practices, and small group competitive team debates! We leverage technology to deliver an exciting, personal experience. We limit debates to small groups and every child has a speaking role within debates to express their evidenced-based views. We have limited seats and this is a competitive activity - please review the FAQs below and sign-up to engage your child socially and intellectually. 

Select from the following exciting debate courses. Each course meets twice a week at various times. Each course is Rs. 14,900+GST and includes 20 hours of live sessions over each quarter. Sign-up per your child's convenience and interests.


Quarter 1 Courses - August 17th to October 3rd

Quarter 2 Courses - October 12th to December 5th

Core Courses meet twice a week for 1.5 hours each, (with the exception of The Global Chronicles, our Special Tournament Prep Semester (includes Q1 and Q2) course, which meets on Saturdays for 3 hours for ES and MS/HS groups.)

NEW: Watch course preview videos here 

Grades 4-6 ES Division, meet 5pm-6:30pm (schedule listed in the application form)

Grades 6-12 MS/HS Division, two options: 6:30pm-8pm, or 8pm-9:30pm (schedule listed in the application form)

Grade 6 may select the ES or MS/HS Division based on their comfort and prior experience with debate.

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  • Our Unique Approach - This is not an elocution class, and we don't write or memorize essays. Debate is fun, competitive, and we help advanced kids expand how they think critically about topics beyond their grade level. Students gradually gain confidence to speak out, starting with smaller groups where they collaborate with teammates. Students research evidence and data under time pressure, and we look for structured position outlines to be prepared rapidly, helping to raise writing speed, information processing, and decision making. Review our Benefits section for academic research on why there is no academic activity that can train and self-motivate young minds in the four C's as well as long-term participation in Debate. See FAQs at the bottom of this page for more details.

  • Demo Debate Viewing - Signup here for free registration to attend our National Tournament Final Round of High School debate competition between the top students in India on July 12th at 5pm IST.


Sample Video: Watch a video clip of some of our older students from a recent debate on postponing the Olympics due to Coronavirus:



  • "We are really thankful to you and your team members for engaging children in this tough time. My child is really enjoying your session." - Parent, Ahemdabad.

  • "The session was quite interactive. My child liked it." - Parent, Gurgaon.

  • "Just pass on my message to Mr. Kacholia... It was really wonderful interaction. I was hearing the way he was analysing every aspect related to the child. Very impressive. It will also help the kids to analyse themselves." - Parent, Gurgaon.

  • "Thanks for organising this. Kudos to you and team." - Parent, Mumbai.

  • "Thank you so much! They're so excited about this class, and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher." - Parent, Mumbai.

  • "This is so interesting. What an awesome idea to make a solid contribution. Such a great thing for a child!" - Parent, Mumbai

frequently asked questions

  • Are programs live? Yes, lectures are live online, with real-time Q&A & interactive small group debates.

  • What is the time commitment? 20 Hours of live sessions over each Quarter's course. All Core Courses meet twice a week for 1.5 hours each session. Note, that The Global Chronicles Tournament Series Prep Course meets for 3 hours on Saturdays over the full semester (Q1 and Q2).

  • What is the typical student profile? Our students are generally based in major metropolitan cities in India and internationally in the U.S., Europe and Middle East. One common thread is that our students are passionate, attend top schools and are gifted or advanced for their grade level.

  • Is there homework? Many students will spend extra time ahead of debates to read and prepare. While this is optional, debate is competitive and helps stimulate self-interest in research and critical thinking. Our goal is to significantly deepen their understanding in each program track and build critical thinking and creativity skills, while gaining perspectives and self-motivated learning in each subject area.

  • How do you provide feedback? Students have opportunities during classes to receive assistance, feedback, and ask questions. We track student performance during classes as well as in tournaments. 

  • Is prior experience needed? Your child will start debating in the first class - no prior experience needed.

  • How do you encourage interaction? We leverage technology to promote participation in each live session. We encourage students both through written and verbal shares to communicate their ideas and questions either broadly or privately during lectures that can be responded to live. In breakout rooms, students get to work in smaller teams of 4 to 6 students to prepare for debates, where we check in to see if they have questions or need help preparing. Each child has a speaking role within structured debates and cross examination, and we moderate debates to coach and encourage collaboration among team members and sharing of responsibilities during cross-examination while helping to prepare their fellow team members.

  • How does the new Quarterly system work? We will be systematically tracking students in each course and those who participate in The Global Chronicles. Participation and performance in courses each quarter (Q1-Q4), in The Global Chronicles, and in the Mid-Year and Year-End Regional Tournaments will be factored for National Tournament 2021 eligibility. Students can select the courses they are excited by. Each course uses a different content area with our unique pedagogy to teach and advance student debate skills while they deepen their knowledge of content areas.

  • What does each topic cover? Each curriculum and debate topic is curated by our U.S. instructors and takes a deep dive into issues of global importance and leadership. Kids are introduced to extemporaneous speech, research, critical analysis, and debate skills while gaining insights into influences and impacts on government, business, leadership, economics, science, and the world around us. Watch videos of each of our new courses.

  • Can I sign-up for multiple courses? Yes, we've designed the new Debate Academy on a flexible quarterly basis to give students several content options they find engaging on distinct topics with global relevance. Many students have previously enrolled in all our courses. Students can choose from two exciting options each day. Core Courses meet Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, and Friday/Saturday. Students gain critical thinking, creativity, communication, and leadership skills, while raising familiarity with important 21st century issues and leadership decisions. Topics are adapted for age groups. Each division will be challenged to read at a higher grade level. Select the topics and times that work best for your child and schedule.

  • What device/materials do I need? Laptop/tablet, internet connection for streaming video, notebook

  • Which ages can join? Students from grades 1 to 12 in school year 2020-21 can join while space is available. Students in younger grades can join our Young Explorers courses which meet for an hour daily over 20 days each month. 

  • My child is shy, nervous, stammers - can they still enroll? A majority of our students are shy. Fear of public speaking is common in adults and kids. Shy kids can gradually gain confidence in a controlled environment and advance to become successful leaders. This takes time. We encourage shy kids with a safe small group environment to express their views from the comfort of their home. Debate does not require any memorization - we remove such obstacles, encouraging deeper thinking and the use of notes to gradually build confidence. 

  • How is your approach different? Mr. Kacholia has developed a unique pedagogy to teach students important content through debate, while advancing their debate and life skills with a highly rigorous and evidence-based format of debate. We are also the official, exclusive partners of the world's largest organization in this field, the U.S. NSDA. We take a real-world approach, using games and challenges to engage in practice each session, while gradually imparting theory and encouraging self-reflection and engaging discussions to articulate evidence-based reasoning. We dive deep into each topic area, evaluating evidence from multiple perspectives. We challenge kids to move beyond their personal opinions to develop an appreciation for alternative viewpoints based on evidence. U.S. NSDA debate has been proven over 95+ years to foster balanced leadership and no other academic activity has the extent of research supporting the academic, college, and life benefits. Our approach is very different than traditional courses on public speaking and elocution. This is not an elocution class. We don't memorize speeches. Our format of debate is designed to extend gifted children.

  • How do I register and pay? Sign-up here. You'll automatically receive electronic payment instructions to your registered email. Once your payment has been received, you'll receive enrollment confirmation.

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