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Home of international Champions

Speech Debate India student Shivani Shrotri WINS THE USA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Speech Debate India student Shivansh Gupta WINS 1ST PLACE SPEAKER AWARD at Georgetown University!!

Speech Debate India students Aadith Kacholia & Prahlad Madhu 
WIN 2ND PLACE VARSITY TEAM AWARD at Harvard University!!!

Speech Debate India student Hansuja Das 
WINS 1ST PLACE JV SPEAKER AWARD at Harvard University!!

Speech Debate India students Hansuja Das & Mrinal Sindhwani 
at University of Michigan!!!!

Congratulations to
80+ SDI Students for winning team and speaker awards at International events!!!

Train with
Mr. Rajiv Kacholia, U.S. State Debate Champion with an unmatched coaching record in South Asia!!!! 
Public speaking skills and soft skills i
the research says... debate CHANGES LIVES

The research is clear. U.S. Debate is unsurpassed as an investment of time for your child's development and success.

Unlike traditional education, U.S. Debate directly involves students in a thrilling student-centered learning experience that boosts essential academic and life skills.


  1. Since launching in January 2020, over 1,000 students across India plus over a dozen countries have enrolled with Speech and Debate India, taught exclusively by U.S. faculty.

  2. Founded by Rajiv KacholiaStanford University and Goldman Sachs alumnus & U.S. State Debate Champion.

  3. Live Online for Gifted 1st-12th graders. No prior experience required.

  4. Train for fun & thrilling Regional, National and International tournaments with Global Chronicles.
    Select debate courses & develop skills!

U.S. Debate Alumni include successful entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Ted Turner (CNN), Oprah Winfrey; entertainment celebrities Brad Pitt, Stephen Colbert, Bruce Springsteen, Adam Sandler; & U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan. Support your child's passion & growth with the research-backed benefits of debate.

“Both the consensus of the literature and... experimental findings justify the conclusion that debaters' critical thinking test scores are significantly higher than those of nondebaters."

Research study by Dr. Joe Bellon

  • Proven to enhance reading speed,  comprehension, writing, vocabulary

  • Raise grades & test scores

  • Boost information processing
01 .jpg
  • Improve College Admissions up to 60% versus 5% for other activities

  • Gain valuable interview skills

  • Debate is the ultimate SAT/ACT prep

  • Learn Soft Skills: communication, creativity, confidence, collaboration  

  • Develop elegant, balanced leaders by evaluating multiple perspectives


Intensive Training for Global Events 14 sessions

gc +

Ultimate Training

50+ sessions over 1 year




live ZOOM online

Live Online Zoom Debate Courses to introduce skills, discuss topical content, collaborate in teams, practice debate drills, and prepare for tournaments

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Professor Minh Luong of Yale University cites the unique benefits of speech and debate on Selective College Admissions. Debate vastly improves thinking, processing, expression, organizational, and communication skills sought by colleges. Read the full paper...

Teenage Students.jpg

Improves reading, writing, speaking, listening and note-taking skills essential in all subjects. There is no academic activity that stimulates your child's development across so many core academic and life skills. Research on speech and debate validates this boost...

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Debate has been proven in numerous research studies to help naturally raise standardized test scores for students. Debate provides the ultimate fun way to boost intrinsic motivation and performance on tests like the SAT and ACT. Learn why here...

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An Association of American Colleges and Universities survey found 93% of Employers wanted a stronger focus on written and verbal communication skills, critical thinking, and demonstrated problem solving ability. Speech & Debate help master these skills in a fun...

Latest Global Debate Topics that Speech and Debate India teams have been working on:

Here's a glimpse into the debate topics our teams have been recently engaged in researching, constructing cases, and debating locally and internationally:

February 2021 Public Forum Debate Topic: Resolved: On balance, the benefits of urbanization in West Africa outweigh the harms.

March 2021 Public Forum Debate Topic: Resolved: On balance, the benefits of creating the United States Space Force outweigh the harms.

April 2021 Public Forum Debate Topic: Resolved: The benefits of the International Monetary Fund outweigh the harms.

Learn about these topics and case strategy directly from our Founder, Mr. Rajiv Kacholia, in our Global Chronicles courses. The next Global Chronicles course is now accepting applications for interview for acceptance into our prestigious Global Debate Squad featuring top debaters for global exposure and competition. Learn more and join this exciting, challenging team to train and compete internationally.

Debate to learn

Debate faciliates deep student learning in important interdisciplinary subjects and key global issues. Explore this site for our coaching philosophy and curriculum, breadth of competitive tournament offerings, and academic research studies on the proven, unique benefits.

life changing

Life long learning and success begins with core skills development and empowerment. Apply today for your child to train with Championship winning Coaches from the United States!

Speech Debate Improves English Reading W

Watch: What is U.S. NSDA Competitive Speech & Debate?

Public speaking skills and soft skills i
Watch: Ted Talk on why "Speech & Debate is the most transformative experience you can offer your students"
Jeff Bezos Speech and Debate Alumni.jpg

Watch: Speech & Debate Alumni including business leaders and celebrities

Speech Debate Improves English Reading W

Watch: U.S. Presidential Candidate explain - "There is no better way for students to learn powerfully important skills."



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