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Learn directly from our Founder – two time U.S. State Debate Champion and Stanford University alumnus, Rajiv Kacholia. Read about our Founder's background and why he has brought this exciting social impact initiative for high achieving students in India, by clicking here.

Join gifted students globally participating in Speech and Debate India's high energy, live online classes, practices, and small group competitive team debates! We leverage technology to deliver an exciting, personal experience. We limit debates to small groups and every child has a speaking role within debates to express their evidenced-based views. We have limited seats and this is a competitive activity - please review the FAQs below and sign-up to engage your child socially and intellectually.

Select up to 5 intensive two week Summer Course program tracks. Each track is Rs. 14,900+GST and includes 20 hours of live sessions over two weeks. Sign-up per your child's convenience and interests.

  • Grades 4-12, Summer Course Program Tracks & Debate Topics:

    • Healthcare & Disease [SOLD OUT]

      • April 6th - April 17th​

    • Global Leadership [SOLD OUT]

      • April 20th - May 1st​


      • May 11th - June 5th (one hour daily Monday through Friday, 20 sessions of 1 hour each)

      • Supporting prep course for the June 2020 National Tournament topic

      • Debates on Innovation, Society, Education, and Happiness, to prepare for Speech and Debate India's upcoming National Tournament

      • Open to current and new students. New students will gain an entry to compete in an exciting Qualifying Tournament for Nationals

    • Environment & Climate Change

      • June 15th - June 26th

    • Business & Entrepreneurship

      • June 29th - July 10th

    • Technology & Artificial Intelligence

      • July 13th - July 24th​
    • Custom - Select 10 Sessions

      • Example: Mondays or Tues/Wed or 1 week across multiple tracks. Inquire here.

  • Grades 4-12, Divisions and Times (IST):

    • Elementary School (ES) - grades 4-5, Monday - Friday, daily, 4-6pm 

    • Middle School (MS) - grades 6-8, Monday - Friday, daily, 6-8pm

    • High School (HS) - grades 9-12, Monday - Friday, daily, 6-8pm

    • For U.S. based students - inquire here for live classes at 12 noon EST onwards starting June 15th

    • Please note, Reimagining Our World will run in 1 hour classes, Monday - Friday at 4pm (ES), 5pm (ES), 6pm (MS/HS), and 7pm (MS/HS) - for four weeks May 11th - June 5th, 20 hours

  • Grades 2-4, Young Explorers Course [LIMITED SEATS]

    • ​Maggi versus Macaroni, Peanut Butter versus Jelly, and other debates in Food, Space Exploration, Sports, and Technology

      • May 11th - June 5th

      • Watch a 3 minute video clip further below on this page

      • Daily Monday - Friday, 20 sessions of 1 hour each,

      • May 11th - June 5th, daily, one hour session, Monday - Friday - indicate your preference while applying, for either the 1:30-2:30pm class or the 2:45-3:45pm class in the comments field, subject to availability

      • Limited seats, Signup to reserve space for this special program. Seats will be allocated on a first come basis upon payment receipt - priced at Rs. 14,900 + GST

  • Grades 2-4, Divisions and Times:

    • Young Explorers (YE) - grades 2-4, Monday - Friday, daily 1:30-2:30pm group and 2:45-3:45pm group (see details further below, under "Customized Courses") 


  • Our Unique Approach - This is not an elocution class, and we don't write or memorize essays. Debate is fun, competitive, and we help advanced kids expand how they think critically about topics beyond their grade level. Students gradually gain confidence to speak out, starting with smaller groups where they collaborate with teammates. Students research evidence and data under time pressure, and we look for structured position outlines to be prepared faster, enhancing writing speed, information processing, and decision making. Review our Benefits section for academic research on why there is no academic activity that can train young minds in the four C's as well as long-term participation in Debate. See FAQs at the bottom of this page for more details.

  • Demo Courses - Apply Here to be waitlisted for 5, one hour demo sessions at Rs. 5,000 + GST. 


Sample Video: Watch a video clip of some of our older students from a recent debate on postponing the Olympics due to Coronavirus:

Sample Video: Watch a video clip of some of our Young Explorer students debating fun topics like Amusement Parks, Homework, and Superheroes! See how they react when Mr. Kacholia teases them about not picking a winner...


  • "We are really thankful to you and your team members for engaging children in this tough time. My child is really enjoying your session." - Parent, Ahemdabad.

  • "The session was quite interactive. My child liked it." - Parent, Gurgaon.

  • "Just pass on my message to Mr. Kacholia... It was really wonderful interaction. I was hearing the way he was analysing every aspect related to the child. Very impressive. It will also help the kids to analyse themselves." - Parent, Gurgaon.

  • "Thanks for organising this. Kudos to you and team." - Parent, Mumbai.

  • "Thank you so much! They're so excited about this class, and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher." - Parent, Mumbai.

  • "This is so interesting. What an awesome idea to make a solid contribution. Such a great thing for a child!" - Parent, Mumbai


  • Young Explorers (Grades 2-4) Special Course - MAY 11th - JUNE 5th

    • Maggi versus Macaroni and more fun debates!

      • May 11th - June 5th, daily, one hour session, Monday - Friday - indicate your preference while applying, for either the 1:30-2:30pm class or the 2:45-3:45pm class in the comments field, subject to availability

      • 20, one hour daily sessions course for Rs. 14,900 + GST

      • A special 4 week live Zoom online course for one hour per weekday starting Wednesday, May 6th to Tuesday June 2nd that introduces newly enrolling younger students to debate using our unique approach.

      • Debate topics are fun and relatable to help students become comfortable with our format. Students in this special introductory program will discuss and debate these topics: Food, Space Exploration, Sports, and Technology.

      • This course is designed to help younger kids comfortable and started through shorter one-hour sessions with instruction, time to collaborate with teams, and engage in debate games in a smaller group setting live online.

      • Select the "Young Explorers May 6 - June 2" option on the sign-up form - Register here


  • SAT Test Prep, 1 on 1 custom 10 session course to raise your SAT English and Math scores. This private course is taught by a perfect scorer in SAT Math and near-perfect scorer in SAT English. Includes evaluation of a full diagnostic test plus customized plan for 10 hours of private, 1 on 1 Zoom instruction and practice test homework assignments for Rs. 30,000 + GST. Score at your peak potential. Inquire here.

  • SAT Approach? We help students understand how the College Board structures and formulates problems. Every question on the SAT has one and only one correct answer. There are no "trick questions". We work personally with each student and customize learning to help shift how they approach the test and think like the SAT examination preparers. We also work to bridge gaps in areas that we identify after students take a diagnostic full SAT test. Before the first one hour of sessions begin, we build a custom plan for your success! We will never use your session time to administer SAT Tests. Instead, our approach is to use each hour of personal session time productively reviewing questions, answers, skill gaps and strategies and assigning homework to target growth in each subsequent class. Classes may be scheduled once or twice a week.

  • Speech and Debate Personal Consultations - 1 on 1 customized sessions over Zoom. Inquire on WhatsApp.

frequently asked questions

  • Are programs live? Yes, Mr. Kacholia's lectures are live online, with real-time Q&A & interactive small group debates.

  • What is the time commitment? 20 Hours of live sessions over each intensive 2 week program.

  • What is the typical student profile? Our students are generally based in major metropolitan cities in India and internationally. One common thread is that our students are passionate, attend top schools and are gifted or advanced for their grade level.

  • Is there homework? Many students will spend extra time ahead of debates to read and prepare. While this is optional, debate is competitive and helps stimulate self-interest in research and critical thinking. Our goal is to significantly deepen their understanding in each program track and build critical thinking and creativity skills, while gaining perspectives in each subject area.

  • How do you provide feedback? Students have opportunities during classes to receive assistance, feedback, and ask questions. Students can also request times before ES classes or after MS/HS classes. 

  • Is prior experience needed? Your child will start debating in the first class - no prior experience needed.

  • How do you encourage interaction? We leverage technology to promote participation in each live session. We encourage students both through written and verbal shares to communicate their ideas and questions either broadly or privately during lectures that can be responded to live. In breakout rooms, students get to work in smaller teams of 4 to 6 students to prepare for debates, where we check in to see if they have questions or need help preparing. Each child has a speaking role within structured debates and cross examination, and we moderate debates to coach and encourage collaboration among team members and sharing of responsibilities during cross-examination while helping to prepare their fellow team members.

  • How does the series work? Students can select between 1 and 5 programs, each is independent.

  • What does each topic cover? Each curriculum and debate topic is curated by Mr. Kacholia and takes a deep dive into issues of global importance and leadership. Kids are introduced to extemporaneous speech, research, critical analysis, and debate skills while gaining insights into influences and impacts on government, business, leadership, economics, science, and the world around us. The 5 program tracks are:

    • Healthcare includes topical Coronavirus related political, social, scientific, and economic debates.

    • Global Leadership examines successful leaders, leadership styles, and decisions made. 

    • Reimagining Our World debates innovation, society, education, and happiness.

    • Environment assesses tradeoffs, policies, and science that can influence climate change.

    • Entrepreneurship evaluates successful startups with case studies on business practices and decisions.

    • Technology critically examines innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Drones and more.

  • Can I sign-up for multiple program tracks? Yes, we've designed the summer program as a continuing series of tracks featuring distinct speech and debate topics. Students gain critical thinking, creativity, communication, and leadership skills, while raising familiarity with important 21st century issues and leadership decisions. Topics are adapted for age groups. Each division will be challenged to read at a higher grade level. Select the topics and dates that work best for your child and summer schedule.

  • What device/materials do I need? Laptop/tablet, internet connection for streaming video, notebook

  • Which ages can join? Students from grades 2 to 12 in school year 2020-21 can join while space is available.

  • My child is shy, nervous, stammers - can they still enroll? A majority of our students are shy. Fear of public speaking is common in adults and kids. Shy kids can gradually gain confidence in a controlled environment and advance to become successful leaders. This takes time. We encourage shy kids with a safe small group environment to express their views from the comfort of their home. Debate does not require any memorization - we remove such obstacles, encouraging deeper thinking and the use of notes to gradually build confidence. 

  • How is your approach different? We are the official, exclusive partners of the world's largest organization in this field, the U.S. NSDA. We take a real-world approach, using games and challenges to engage in practice each session, while gradually imparting theory and encouraging self-reflection. We dive deep into each topic area, evaluating evidence on multiple sides. We challenge kids to move beyond their personal opinions to develop an appreciation for multiple perspectives. U.S. NSDA debate has been proven to foster balanced leadership and no other academic activity has the extent of research supporting the academic, college, and life benefits.

  • How do I register and pay? Sign-up here. You'll automatically receive electronic payment instructions to your registered email. Once your payment has been received, you'll receive enrollment confirmation.