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Meet our Founder

Head Faculty

Mr. Kacholia is an ex-State Champion Debater two years in a row in the United States, winning numerous 1st and 2nd place speaker and team awards, an alumnus of Stanford University and Goldman Sachs, former Board President of the American School of Bombay (ASB), has held leadership roles on Wall Street and as an entrepreneur, and worked for two United States Senators. Read about Mr. Kacholia's vision here and press articles here.

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College / Adults

Course: Reinvent Yourself!

Coming Soon - for College Adults

Are you seeking to re-enter the workforce, change career paths, start a business or new passion project? Learning isn't just for kids - take charge of your future path! Meet once a week to engage in lectures, case study discussions, and gain new perspectives on re-positioning your future with self-empowerment for success! Course details further below.

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A new course for College / Adults. Studies have found that only 15% of adults are satisfied with their careers - if you're in the 85%, whether newly entering the workforce, or seeking a new role, entrepreneurial pursuit, social cause, or passion project / adventure, this course is designed to help you identify and assess options, develop a plan, and make the most of your time ahead! Despite strong interest in seeking change, 94% of adults cite barriers to change. In these interactive lectures, Mr. Kacholia will guide you through new perspectives on breaking down those barriers and repositioning your inherent strengths. As the world rapidly evolves, life-long learning is important to maintain an edge, rekindle life goals, and take charge of your future pathways! Meet once a week to engage in lectures, case study discussions, and empower yourself to take on new pursuits!

Faculty: Mr. Kacholia

Format: Lecture and discussion course

Best for: college / adults seeking a new pursuit, self-reflecting, defining goals, and constructing paths for success!

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