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pedagogy and unique approach


Below are articles authored by Mr. Kacholia on our pedagogy and benefits of Speech and Debate India:

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Debating Helps Sharpen Critical Skills 

Researchers have found that debating is unsurpassed as a challenging and highly respected academic activity that stimulates and supports a child’s development across core academic skills such as writing speed, reading comprehension level, listening,...  Continue reading

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Speak Your Way to Success

Debate helps in building the ‘Four Cs’ of 21st century skills that a person can leverage to succeed in life. There is a growing need to supplement academics with these key soft skills... Here's how debating helps... Continue reading

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Here's How Speech and Debate Fosters Leadership Skills Among Students

Colleges and employers have consistently indicated in surveys that leadership skills development is a major shortcoming of traditional schooling. The Indian Education system has focused far too long on academic test-taking, rote learning, and factual understanding. Students who focus on the “What” are likely to be automated, whereas those asking “Why” and learning how to fail and adapt will emerge as future entrepreneurs and leaders in the next generation.... Continue reading

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Role of Speech and Debate India’s Academy in Enhancing Life Skills

Life skills are essential for the development and long-term success of children. Yet, these core 21st century skills continue to rank as the widest gaps by top universities and employers. The traditional education system built in the 1800s evolved with a focus on academics, but as our world has rapidly evolved, there is a larger than ever need to supplement academics with key soft skills. These skills for success are often much more difficult to learn later as an adult... Continue reading

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How Debate Shapes Personality and Polishes Inter and Intrapersonal Skills

About 50% of kids are introverted and many suffer from fear and difficulty in expressing themselves. A majority of young girls will suffer from anxiety and lack of confidence, with 20% likely to become clinically depressed at some point during their teenage years. Does academic focus warrant neglecting equipping our next generation with confidence and the tools to express themselves?... Continue reading

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So, You Want to be a Star Debater?

Both verbal and written communication have become increasingly important in the modern world. People spend much of their daily lives communicating messages, requests, questions, opinions, feedback, anecdotes, and more – both in person and in written or digital form... Debate improves vocabulary, reading comprehension level, reading speed, writing speed and level, speaking, attentiveness, critical thinking, creativity, and note-taking skills, essential across subjects. So what does your child need to do to win debates?... Continue reading

Mr RAJIV KACHOLIA's press interviews ON DEBATE

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The Impact Of Debate Can Be Life-changing: Rajiv Kacholia, Speech and Debate India

Students tend to have short attention spans and most kids tune out multiple times through a lecture. We have flipped that model with student-centered online learning where kids enjoy the interaction and love being at the center of engaging discussions and debates... Our online pedagogy dives much more in-depth and empowers kids to really think, create, explore, collaborate – areas they naturally love... Continue reading

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Rajiv Kacholia's StartUp 'Speech and Debate India' Booms Amid COVID-19, Provides Virtual Debating Platform For Young Kids From Class 1-12

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic paralysing businesses across the globe, the academic field is also affected with it. However, one such entrepreneur is Rajiv Kacholia, who started Speech and Debate India (SDI) intending to empower students with confidence by developing their core academic and life skills... Continue reading

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Master this core academic skill

Many students dread standing on the stage and put their point across to a room full of audience. It is one of the reasons why so few students participate in debating and speech contests held at school level. Self-labelling yourself an introvert to avoid going on stage will not do, as addressing audience and presenting a well-reasoned argument is something that you would be called upon to do very often in life. Debate is a critical supplement to a child’s development in academics and life skills...... Continue reading

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The Importance of Speech and Debate in Education

What are the biggest problems with traditional professional development practices, and how can they be fixed? 
Traditional approaches to professional development have faced many challenges that have been studied in recent years. First, most public speaking courses are short courses, taking a surface-level approach with mechanical “tips” designed to impress in a large public setting. But that is not where most of us are communicating day to day. We need to develop our own natural intellectual style... Continue reading
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Speech and Debate India leads the way with the launch of Debate Academy

Speech and Debate India – a life-changing Journey backed by Research, with fun courses and thrilling competitive events, is advancing online academic and life skills training by launching the first-of-its-kind Debate Academy, taught exclusively by U.S. instructors. The academy aims to nurture the careers, balanced leadership development, and holistic personality growth for students in Grades 1-12 from top international and other schools across India... Continue reading

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Equipping Teachers is the Best Way to Impart Quality Education

Our approach of teaching in India is focused on students and our entire culture is based on student-centered learning... Kids have an enormous ability and potential to learn and it is up to teachers to really build on that to make learning fun... What you want to develop is a child that can learn long term on their own.  Continue reading

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Get ready for the ultimate debate by students on Reimagining Global Education

Speech and Debate India is organising their first virtual debate and we talk to the founder and Stanford alumni Rajiv Kacholia about all that lead up to this moment and what we can expect from it... We hear that will take the debating culture in India on a whole new level. Think seven different quarterly courses held twice a week based on the US-style debate and curriculum. Mysteries and Courtrooms; Mumbai + Miami = Atlantis; Me, My Brain and I, and many more such exciting courses await all those who are ready for a respectable battle of words. How exciting!.  Continue reading

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Speech and Debate India to host online National Debate Tournament

Consecutive two-year debate champion in the State of Illinois, USA in the late 1980’s and founder of Speech and Debate India, Rajiv Kacholia explains, “Speech and Debate India leverages technology and our unique pedagogy to help kids learn to debate, while debating to learn and think critically about global issues and relevant content. The National Debate Tournament inaugural topic aims to deeply engage the education system’s customers – students – to join a conversation on how global K-12 schools can be reimagined to optimise for Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Happiness, and Social Impact...  Continue reading


Advancing Academic Extra-Curriculars: Speech and Debate

The finalists have been selected over an intensive 3 month period... with more than 400 Indian students from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Hyderabad, Indore, London, Mumbai, New York, and others. Moreover, to help provide very detailed preparation for the National Tournament, Speech and Debate India introduced a supplementary live online tournament training course, which met in smaller groups daily over 4 weeks in live online classes featuring debate drills and topic analysis on the future of Global Education. The course saw an overwhelming response and was oversubscribed at 250%... Continue reading

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