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Speech and Debate India

ES Student Reflections on Speech and Debate India
ES Student Reflections on Speech and Debate India
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ES Student Reflections on Speech and Debate India

MS Reflections on Speech and Debate India!
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MS Reflections on Speech and Debate India!

Students Reflect on Speech and Debate India
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Students Reflect on Speech and Debate India

MS Student Reflections on Speech and Debate India!
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MS Student Reflections on Speech and Debate India!

Speech & Debate Changes Lives
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Speech & Debate Changes Lives

HS Reflections on Life Long Learning
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HS Reflections on Life Long Learning

Senator Elizabeth Warren Celebrates National Speech and Debate Education Day!
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Senator Elizabeth Warren Celebrates National Speech and Debate Education Day!

World Speech Day: Stephen Tobolowsky
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World Speech Day: Stephen Tobolowsky


Speech and Debate India leads the way with the launch of Debate Academy

"My experience at Speech and Debate was invaluable towards making me a better debater, and more importantly, a better thinker. Debating hones skills like critical thinking, research and speaking... The numerous fascinating intensive courses have been extremely useful..." Continue Reading

Speech and Debate India students advance Globally!

"Here are four of Speech and Debate India’s outstanding Middle School and High School debaters on their experience at the 2021 Georgetown University tournament. ..." Continue Reading









Aahana Khemani, Speech and Debate India (Middle School division), reflections: “The Georgetown University Debate was an absolutely amazing experience. My partner and I were completely astonished that we made it to the elimination rounds, and were extremely nervous! However, we won the first round and regained our confidence. We were over the moon after that round! Despite losing the second elimination round, I personally, learned a lot once I reflected back on the tournament. Debate wise, I learned that it’s important to have a consistent response for every argument the opposition brings on. Generally, I learned that alongside debating passionately, it’s the little fun moments that count!”


Ayraah Lodha, Speech and Debate India (Middle School division), reflections: “The Georgetown University debate tournament was amazing! I think we went up against some phenomenal teams, and it was a great learning experience. This was only my second debate tournament ever, so as the rounds started I was extremely nervous in my cases and thought I was going to mess up, as well as the tournaments time going on through the night, because of where we live  as the rounds progressed I realized there was no need too, and if I just let lose and had fun that was what would be memorable. And this experience was! I think I got so engrossed in our cases and was extremely passionate about them, that they even after hours and hours of debating through the night, I still wanted to do more. Overall, this experience was something that taught me how to be passionate about debating and just have fun, and I could not have asked for it to go better.”

Prahlad Madhu, Speech and Debate India (High School division), reflections: “And as I shut down the laptop, sighed in relief, with a smile on my face, and told Shivani to get some rest, I knew it was all worth it. All the constant preparation, the phone calls, the talks about ice cream, and the jokes we cracked. It had helped us reach somewhere we couldn’t even imagine we’d be. On Sunday, after two rigorous days of debate at the Georgetown University tournament, I sat down and reflected on the mammoth treasure of learnings I had been subject to. The exposure I had basked in. and the journey I had undertaken.


For every single research paper, every single session courtesy of Mr. Rajiv, they’d culminated into what I could never dream of. As quite an outspoken ninth grader from the small town of Manipal, I could never dream of doing something like this. Learning about endogeneity, about pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical policies, about neoliberalism and neocolonialism. It all just felt like a fairy tale. Only it wasn’t.


In every fairy tale though, there are some fabulous characters. Some exceptional elements. And this tale was no short of those elements. From Shivani, who is arguably one of the greatest debaters I’ve seen, to Ms. Ritika, for just the constant motivation, and just filling the zoom call with pomp, the surplus of such characters. We had our amazing coach Mr. Rajiv, who was just there for Shivani and I irrespective of the time, always backing us, sometimes with great evidence cards, and other times with sheer words. Personally, I had with me two wonderful people. One in Mumbai, one of the most amazing teammates, and brilliant individuals, Shivani, and one who kept giving me coffee to even stay up for these debates, my loving dad. This was what made today possible.”


Shivani Shrotri, Speech and Debate India (High School division), reflections: “The Georgetown Spring Tournament was an incredible opportunity where I was able to not only display my debating skills, but learn from other top debaters around the world too. For example, I learned an interesting cross fire strategy from one of our opponents.

I think my favorite part of the experience was the adrenaline rush after each debate because it gave me a surge of positive energy and an increased confidence level. For someone who was unable to confidently and coherently express their thoughts just a little more than a year ago, I can certainly say that debate (especially tournaments such as these) has improved my self-esteem and my overall sense of identity. Therefore, although it took a lot of time and effort, the experience was completely worth it.

Furthermore, the support and assistance provided to us before and during the tournament by our debate academy really helped us learn from our mistakes and improve each round. Hence, any victory we had was a result of the unique pedagogical approach equipped by our coaches to train us.”


  • "We are really thankful to you and your team members for engaging children in this tough time. My child is really enjoying your session." - Parent, Ahmedabad.

  • "The session was quite interactive. My child liked it." - Parent, Gurgaon.

  • "Just pass on my message to Mr. Kacholia... It was really wonderful interaction. I was hearing the way he was analyzing every aspect related to the child. Very impressive. It will also help the kids to analyze themselves." - Parent, Gurgaon.

  • "Thanks for organizing this. Kudos to you and team." - Parent, Mumbai.

  • "Thank you so much! They're so excited about this class, and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher." - Parent, Mumbai.

  • "This is so interesting. What an awesome idea to make a solid contribution. Such a great thing for a child!" - Parent, Mumbai.



Speech and Debate attracts some of the most talented and accomplished students across India. We love their

  • "After the round just jumping with my teammate and getting really excited for the next one."

  • "When everyone got together in Global Chronicles we shared such funny stories from our rounds."

  • "The experience was very thrilling along with the fact that it was an 'international' tournament. Additionally staying up at night was very fun too."

  • "I also liked that we had the access to watch rounds from different divisions too."

  • "The other team accidentally saying we should win"

  • "To be really honest joining GC in the breaks and having one of our judges forget final focus existed :)"

  • "The best part was logging into GC and talking about what happened in the round and just joking around."

  • "My favorite memory was probably talking to the other teams after our round and helping each other with our cases and other things that we could work on."

  • "We went up against a team from Vancouver and we had this amazing debate and at the end we all ended up laughing and having a good time."

  • "I made friends during my last debate and now we are friends and follow each other on Instagram. I also am very thankful to all the other competitors from S&D for motivating me and talking to me during the breaks. It's a really fond memory of mine as they motivated me to push myself as much as I could. "

  • "Debating with people from around the world straight from China to Canada was definitely the most memorable. Meeting judges and talking to them was also really enjoyable. Overall it was truly a unique and incredible experience!"

  • "If I had to be totally honest my favorite was definitely joining GC right after our rounds only because I got a little view on how everyone else's debates were. The rounds itself were awesome too because all the teams we went against were so strong and their cases were magnificent so it helped us improve ours."

  • "I had fun spectating the High School Rounds and i had got few points for our debate from it too and i had a great time with my teammate in the round and through the breaks"

  • "Without a doubt, preparing the cases with my teammates, and of course the global chronicles meet after each debate."

  • "Researching, interacting with a lot of experienced debaters, the competitiveness"

  • "The entire experience was fun and enthralling."

  • "I liked debating with people around the world."

  • "Some of the best moments were spectating other rounds and admiring the quality of debate, exhilaration after winning, working on feedback after losing, the thrill of rebutting and knowing that the round is working in your favor and heartfelt pep talks from my coaches between rounds."

  • "I absolutely loved the communication between teams and the level of debate even if I wasn't quite there yet. I loved how every team had their own story and adventure. Speech and Debate India pulled together to achieve something almost impossible within a few days, that's awesome. The fact that we were able to do that signifies that everyone here is a force. It was a different level of debate and a new experience in terms of attending."


  • Speech and Debate attracts some of the most talented and accomplished students across India. We love their energy, commitment, and pursuit of passion. Further below, read quotes highlighting their inspiring journey.

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