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FOunder's MESSAGE: SPEECH & DEBATE as A life changing JOURNEY
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As the back to back Debate Champion two years in a row in the State of Illinois in the late 1980's, speech and debate truly changed my life. It is distinct from other extracurriculars – as a powerful academic journey that can open opportunities throughout life. It is valued by Highly Selective Colleges and helped me gain admissions at 7 Universities ranked in the Top 15 Nationally by US News & World Report. The skills gained in debate helped land roles at prestigious firms like Goldman Sachs' Mergers & Acquisitions Group, and DE Shaw, which hires only 1 in 500.

Academic researchers have proven that no other activity stimulates a child's development across so many core academic and life skills. Growing up as a shy kid, debate transformed my ability to exceed:

  • equipped me with training and confidence to learn anything rapidly

  • improved speed in outlining and writing

  • note-taking and attentiveness in School and at Stanford University

  • learned to communicate key ideas in interviews, discussions and presentations

  • research skills and quickly processing information during my time on Wall Street

  • balanced leadership, persuasion and creativity to negotiate $22 Billion of deals across 5 continents

  • critical thinking and collaboration as an Entrepreneur

Over the past few years, as President of the Board of Trustees of the American School of Bombay, and a Leadership Team Member of Stanford University's India undergraduate applicant interview process, and having spent time with many startup entrepreneurs from top Indian colleges and students from across the country, I've learned from change-makers leading the future of education, while also critically examining the education landscape in India.

And I've seen a large void.

No other extra-curricular academic activity compares to the proven, multi-faceted long-term academic benefits and life skills gained. It is a journey deeply needed for our next generation to become leaders and visionaries across India and impacting the world. It is a journey that can help change student lives, as it did for me and a broad range of successful alumni.

And I've partnered with the very best in competitive Speech and Debate globally. The U.S. National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) has charted a 95 year track record of proven success. embraced by 150,000+ students annually. The NSDA is embraced by 150,000+ students annually and it hosts the largest academic competition in the world each year. Its alumni include successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, entertainers and government leaders, including four US Presidents.

Introverts, extroverts, across passions and subject preferences can benefit as there are speech and debate programs designed for different personalities and interests.

So, why now? 

The combination of core academic skills and soft skills can empower our students with confidence, adaptability, and an edge to succeed amidst a rapidly changing world. This journey has given me a VOICE. I aim to empower students across India to find and develop theirs in the coming years.

We welcome students of all backgrounds and interests to begin this exciting journey by reserving space with our Express Signup.

And learn more from experts and academic research studies on the life changing benefits of Speech and Debate. Read the research.


– Rajiv Kacholia


We are the Official, Exclusive Partners for India of the U.S. National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA), the largest academic honor society in the world. The NSDA is the host and organizer of the largest and most prestigious global academic competition, held in the United States, for High Schools and Middle Schools around the world.

Speech & Debate India empowers youth across India through competitive speech, drama, and debate coaching and tournaments. We provide an engaging and rigorous U.S. curriculum to foster each child's communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills, to magnify their Voice!

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