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Live Online Zoom Debate Courses to introduce skills, discuss topical content, collaborate in teams, practice debate drills, and prepare for tournaments

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A balance of group lectures, interactive workshops, and assignment challenges allow students to grow school and life skills development including:

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity

  • Note-Taking

  • Research

  • Reading, Writing & Vocabulary

  • Topic & Current Events Knowledge

Expert training and practice debates with coach feedback builds proficiency in critical speech and debate skills. Practice debate drills help gauge student learning more effectively as students prepare and enter competitions locally, regionally, and nationally. Ongoing Regional Workshops and Tournaments will further help consolidate and apply skills towards important global issues.

  • Extemporaneous speaking

  • Topic selection

  • Research

  • Flowing

  • Speaking skills and roles

  • Cross-examination

  • Tournament preparation

  • Time management and organization

  • Building an affirmative/negative case

  • Disads

  • Impact debates

  • Speech and debate events & rules

  • Practice mini-debates

  • Rebuttals

In subsequent Levels, students can build upon core skills, begin to specialize in a specific event, and train with U.S. Coaches to advance in their selected event for Regional, National and even Global level NSDA competition!

Students will begin with developing a common fundamental skill base required across speech and debate events. As they develop and play a variety of games through our classes, they will become familiar with a broad range of different events and have time to experiment and find a good fit. Each event shares common benefits as well as draws out new and exciting extensions of skills for students.


We recommend keeping an open mind and allowing students to naturally start gravitating towards events they enjoy the most to get the most out of the program. As they progress through levels of understanding, in future Semesters and Levels, they can choose to focus on a particular event or switch if they seek a new challenge. To learn more about the NSDA formats we will be offering in India including video clips and thoughts directly from NSDA student participants, visit the Events section. Sample video clips for tournaments and brief examples of Coach tips in Drama & Speech events are also provided below. 


Middle School Tournament Showcase

High School Tournament Showcase

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NSDA events


5 Tips for Extemporaneous Speech

5 Tips for Drama Contestants

Speech and Debate India is a life changing Journey backed by Research, for students to advance academic and life skills naturally, through fun and engaging events.

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