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Speech and Debate Changes Lives for students in grades 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, boosting English, College Admissions, SAT Scores, and Soft Skills
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USA's National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA), a 95 year non-profit, runs the world's largest academic competitions, backed by research, rigor & 150,000 students annually. Elegant debate, encouraging teamwork & balanced perspectives, comes to India Jan 2020, as Stanford University alumnus & U.S. Coaches form a life changing academy for 4th-12th graders across India to train for monthly events in India & across Asia and the U.S., including at Harvard & Stanford University.

NSDA Alumni include successful entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Ted Turner (CNN), Oprah Winfrey; entertainment celebrities Brad Pitt, Stephen Colbert, Bruce Springsteen, Adam Sandler; & U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan. Support your child's passion & growth with the research-backed benefits of debate.

“Both the consensus of the literature and... experimental findings justify the conclusion that debaters' critical thinking test scores are significantly higher than those of nondebaters."

Research study by Dr. Joe Bellon

  • Proven to enhance reading speed,  comprehension, writing, vocabulary

  • Raise test scores & speed naturally

  • Boost information processing
  • Improve College Admissions up to 60% versus 5% for other activities

  • Gain valuable interview skills

  • Debate is the ultimate SAT Test prep

  • Learn Soft Skills: communication, creativity, confidence, collaboration  

  • Develop elegant, balanced leaders by evaluating multiple perspectives





Learn foundational debate skills with expert U.S. Coaches. Training begins with short video lessons and frequent short quizzes and points to increase retention...


10 NSDA events across competitive Speech, Drama & Debate, to match all interests and personalities. Explore this site for our coaching philosophy and curriculum, breadth of competitive event offerings, and academic research studies on the proven, unique benefits.

life changing

Life long learning and success begins with core skills development and empowerment. Apply today for your child to train with Championship winning Coaches from the United States!

Speech Debate Improves English Reading W

Watch: What is U.S. NSDA Competitive Speech & Debate?

Public speaking skills and soft skills i
Watch: Ted Talk on why "Speech & Debate is the most transformative experience you can offer your students"
Jeff Bezos Speech and Debate Alumni.jpg

Watch: Speech & Debate Alumni including business leaders and celebrities

Speech Debate Improves English Reading W

Watch: U.S. Presidential Candidate explain - "There is no better way for students to learn powerfully important skills."



Speech and Debate India is a life changing Journey backed by Research, for students to advance academic and life skills naturally, through fun and engaging events.

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