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U.S. expert coaching NOW Available in india
30 weeks @ ₹ 500/week

2019-20 All-India Access package. U.S. Coaching, personalized feedback, and local workshops to practice skills and prepare for NSDA tournaments in India:

  • 30 Weeks of U.S. Coaching for 2019-20 covers 15 foundational skills such as extemporaneous speaking, evidence-based research to write an affirmative case, cross-ex, weighing impacts with data analysis, and more!

  • Entry to 2 Local Training Workshops in larger Indian cities, where we will work with your child to practice skills learned, collaborate on debates with other similar age students, and prepare your child for tournaments

  • Entry to an Online Tournament, with local/regional/national awards

  • Personal Feedback & guidance on each of the 15 foundational assignments

  • Flexible Scheduling for students to organize around other commitments, while completing each Level & receiving personalized feedback throughout

  • Access Helpline through chat, email & video calls for personal support

  • Level 1 Certification from January 2020 - July 2020

  • Earn points for special U.S. NSDA Honors Society Membership recognition

  • Gain eligibility to prestigious Regional, National and Global NSDA events
  • Top Students invited to Leaders Circle in 2020-21, free invite-only program

  • Gain eligibility for Level 2 Certification from September 2020 - March 2021

  • Advance to higher levels by Specializing in events and refining skills

2 SPECIAL BONUSES: Get access now for Rs. 14,900 for 2019-20 and receive 2 bonuses while time slots are available for (1) Free 1-on-1 Personal Consultation in Fall 2019 to set custom goals & assignments for your child;

(2) receive bonus pre-training materials. Reserve a spot, no payment due now!

launch your child's speech & debate journey

all students enjoy these great benefits

7 Months of Gamified Instruction

  • 30 Weeks of games-based online instruction, 1 hour/week

  • Covers 15 foundational topics through bi-weekly games

  • Complete each Unit to advance with flexible pacing

  • Online Expert U.S. Coaching customized for Indian students

  • Learn academic skills, life skills, speech & debate skills

  • Build general knowledge of current events and economics
  • Separate training levels for younger and older students
  • Accumulate points through assignments and competing in local, regional & national leader boards by grade level group

7 Months of Personalized Feedback

  • Each unit includes training and practice materials

  • Each unit has video/written assignments for submission

  • Instructors monitor individual student progress

  • Students receive personalized Coach feedback for each unit

  • Gamified point-competitions in each unit to motivate

  • Customized by elementary, middle, & high school

  • Total Weekly time commitment: 1 hour instructional content plus .5 to 1 hour for practice & feedback review for 30 weeks

3 Practice Competitions Included

  • 3 Competition Practices included: an entry to an Online Tournament and entries to 2 Training Workshops

  • Eligible for Regional, National, Global Tournaments

  • Students in each division with strong weekly and regional tournament performance will be invited to compete in the NSDA India National Tournament at the American School of Bombay on June 6-7th 2020

  • Highest performing students will be selected for free extra coaching to represent India at the Middle School and High School Divisions of the Global Tournament June 15-19, 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  • India Tournaments held on weekends

Helpline and Personalized Assistance

  • Helpline: all students have access to 1-on-1 personal assistance by chat/email throughout the course, and live group review and Q&A sessions with U.S. Coaches by video

  • Built in flexibility for students to get help where needed

  • Available through chat, email and live video calls/office hours access

  • Students can ask questions, get assistance on assignments, reinforce concepts, review feedback

  • Optional office hours for each unit to provide an opportunity to both inquire and learn from questions of peers, together with Coach feedback and guidance


  • Receive Level 1 Certificate for Speech & Debate India upon completion of course requirements

  • Students participating in the National Tournament will receive a National Tournament Honors Certification

  • Students selected for the invite-only Leaders Circle will receive free leadership training in the 2020-21 school year. A Wall Street Journal study found a 60% boost in Selective College Admissions for Debate Team Leaders! 

  • Note: All certifications and awards subject to work completion. U.S. NSDA Honors Society Certification requires tournament participation, community service and earning points for this global recognition

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