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select your speech & debate journey

₹ 14,900

Starter Package across India with U.S. Coaching & Feedback for 15 Weeks:

  • U.S. Coaching Jan-May 2020

  • Speech Debate India Certificate

  • Paid Entry to Online Tournament

  • Helpline: assistance through chat, email & video calls (details below)

coaching + live
₹ 24,900

Best Value for students across India. Includes "Complete Coaching", plus:

  • U.S. NSDA Honors Certificate

  • Paid Entry to Regional Workshop

  • Paid Entry to Regional Tournament

  • Eligible to be selected for Leaders Circle in 2020-21 (see FAQ #11/12)

mumbai only
intensive training
₹ 49,900

Maximum practice sessions. Includes "Coaching + Live Tournaments", plus:

  • 15 Weeks of Drill Workshops at the American School of Bombay

  • Select from times by age each Saturday to practice & compete

  • Limited space, selective program

all students enjoy these great benefits

15 Weeks of Gamified Instruction

  • 15 Weeks of Video Introduction of weekly game & skill topic

  • 15 Weeks of online Expert U.S. Coaching on core skills

  • Learn academic skills, life skills, speech & debate skills

  • Build general knowledge of current events
  • Separate training for younger and older students
  • Total 1 Hour Instruction per week

15 Weeks of Personalized Feedback

  • 15 Weeks of training and practice materials

  • 15 Weeks of video/written assignments for submission

  • 15 Weeks of monitoring student progress

  • 15 Weeks of personalized Coach feedback

  • 15 Weeks of Gamified point-competition to motivate

  • Customized by elementary, middle, & high school

  • Total 1-2 Hours Practice & Feedback per week

Helpline and Personalized Assistance

  • Helpline: all students have access to assistance

  • Available through chat, email and live video calls/office hours access

  • Students can ask questions, get assistance on assignments, reinforce concepts, review feedback

  • Optional office hours provide an opportunity to both inquire and learn from questions of peers, together with Coach feedback and guidance


  • Includes entry to an Online Tournament

  • Eligible for Regional Tournament

  • Students in each division with strong weekly and regional tournament performance will be invited to compete in the NSDA India National Tournament at the American School of Bombay on June 6-7th 2020

  • Highest performing students will be selected for free extra coaching to represent India at the Middle School and High School Divisions of the Global Tournament June 15-19, 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  • India Tournaments held on weekends


  • Receive Level 1 Certificate for Speech & Debate India upon completion of course requirements

  • Students participating in the National Tournament will receive a National Tournament Honors Certification

  • Students selected for Leaders Circle will be eligible for additional honors in the 2020-21 school year

  • Note: All certifications subject to work completion. U.S. NSDA Honors Certification requires tournament participation and earning points for this recognition

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