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founder from stanford university

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  • Train to compete in the most prestigious events like Stanford University, Harvard University, Georgetown, TOC & more!

  • Advance directly into SDI Nationals with a Guaranteed spot + Many more debate, leadership, and college skills benefits!



Meet our Founder

Head Faculty

Mr. Kacholia is an ex-State Champion Debater two years in a row in the United States, winning numerous 1st and 2nd place speaker and team awards, an alumnus of Stanford University and Goldman Sachs, former Board President of the American School of Bombay (ASB), has held leadership roles on Wall Street, as an entrepreneur, and worked for two United States Senators.

Mr. Kacholia is a two time Premier Distinction Coach in the U.S., the coach of a US National Champion winner, the Head Coach of Team India for The Debating International Championship, and spends his free time empowering students through debate! Read about Mr. Kacholia's vision, press articles, background, and student testimonials

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SDI Superstar:

Shivansh Gupta

"It gives me immense pleasure to share about Shivansh's achievements this year and I cannot thank Rajiv Sir enough for this... invited by Oxford... Won Harvard MUN... Won the FILA award... 2nd best speaker at IIT Delhi... could not have been possible without Rajiv Sir's guidance that he has learned his debating skills from." - Divya

course details
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Speech Debate India Stanford Harvard Uni


The Stanford University and Harvard University Debate Tournaments were held in February 2021 and 2022 with typically the top 1-2% of Middle School and High School debaters in the United States, China and other countries competing in global events. 90% of our grade 6-11 Global Chronicles course students were selected to compete in the Stanford and/or Harvard University Tournaments! Check back for updates on recent team awards, victories and speaker awards by our Global Debate Squad at major international tournaments in the United States 

No prior experience needed. We're looking for academically sharp and curious kids - both introverts and extroverts can succeed in debate. Apply today. Limited Seats!

The Global Chronicles is taught by our Founder, Mr. Rajiv Kacholia to train students for international debate competitions. Mr. Kacholia is an ex-State Champion Debater, and alumnus of Stanford University and Goldman Sachs. Read more about Mr. Kacholia's background and vision here and press articles here.


The Global Chronicles next joining date will be January 7th, 2023.

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Speech Debate India Stanford Harvard Tou
speech and debate india advances at stanford & harvard tournaments


Speech and Debate India students competed with some of the best teams in the world recently. Below is a brief highlight clip from the Harvard University Debate Tournament Award Ceremony where our Speech and Debate India team is recognized.

Waitlist for this incredible experience today - The Global Chronicles 6.0

  • Traditional education with teachers simply imparting knowledge is failing to holistically prepare kids.

  • U.S. Debate is research-backed, engaging students in a thrilling learning experience and proven to boost grades, critical thinking, and balanced leadership. Debate can pay back in productivity gains, making school easier, with debaters typically in the top 10% of their class.

  • U.S. Debate Aumni include Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Ted Turner (CNN), Oprah Winfrey; U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Jimmy CarterRonald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.

"Confidence, eloquence, friendliness, and open-mindedness... truly essential for leaders."  Mr. Kacholia in Tribune India.

Live US Coaching


Inspired by our Founder – two time U.S. State Debate Champion and Stanford University alumnus, Rajiv Kacholia.

"Their points need to be evidence-based and backed by research... I wanted to give them a voice and the confidence to speak up, though respectfully, and express their opinion." Mr. Kacholia in Indian Express.

Unique approach


Uniquely thrilling and rigorous U.S. curriculum. This is not a traditional elocution class. Mr. Kacholia has developed a uniquely modern pedagogy to advance competitive debate and essential 21st century life skills by augmenting evidence-based debate formats. 

"Research demonstrates that debaters advance in reading, writing, and life skills. We use exciting games and challenge our students to extend beyond their personal opinions and explore alternative perspectives through rigorous analysis and discussion. Children dive into topics, become self-motivated to read and process information faster, while aspiring to formulate creative ideas supported by evidence-based reasoning." – Mr. Kacholia in Education World.


frequently asked questions

  • Are programs live? Yes, lectures are live online, with real-time Q&A & interactive small group debates.

  • What if I've never debated? No prior experience is needed - just an open mind and interest in learning.

  • What is the time commitment? The Global Chronicles Tournament Series Prep Course meets on Saturdays and time commitment varies as some students who actively work to prepare for tournaments, while others join to learn from Mr. Kacholia's lectures and debate drills and pedagogy. The time commitment depends on each child's interest and time availability.

  • What is the typical student profile? Our students come from regions across India and internationally in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. One common thread is that our students are passionate, attend top schools and are gifted or advanced for their grade level.

  • Is there homework? Many students will spend extra time ahead of debates to read and prepare. While this is optional, debate is competitive and helps stimulate self-interest in research and critical thinking. Our goal is to significantly deepen their understanding in each program track and build critical thinking and creativity skills, while gaining perspectives and self-motivated learning in each subject area.

  • Is reading optional? We highly encourage students to read materials provided in class to help research topics, learn, and deepen their context. Debaters tend to be good readers.

  • How do you provide feedback? Students have opportunities during classes to receive assistance, feedback, and ask questions. We track student performance during classes as well as in tournaments and share results from tournaments directly with students.

  • How soon will students start debating? Each child progresses at a different pace. Some kids are more introverted, while others are ready earlier. As a parent, give your child space to build comfort with debate - they will know when they are ready. Some of our strongest debaters struggled for many months or took time to gradually gain confidence -  again, no prior experience needed.

  • How do you encourage interaction? We leverage technology to promote participation in each live session. We encourage students both through written and verbal shares to communicate their ideas and questions either broadly or privately during lectures that can be responded to live. In breakout rooms, students get to work in smaller teams of 2 to 4 students to prepare for debates, where we check in to see if they have questions or need help preparing. Each child has a speaking role within structured debates and cross examination, and we moderate debates to coach and encourage collaboration among team members and sharing of responsibilities during cross-examination while helping to prepare their fellow team members.

  • What does each topic cover? Each curriculum and debate topic is curated by our U.S. instructors and takes a deep dive into issues of global importance and leadership. Kids are introduced to extemporaneous speech, research, critical analysis, and debate skills while gaining insights into influences and impacts on government, business, leadership, economics, science, and the world around us. Watch videos to learn more or signup for the Free Membership to experience it first hand.

  • What device/materials do I need? Laptop/tablet, internet connection for streaming video, notebook and pen.

  • Which ages can join? Students from grades 5 to 12 in school year 2020-21 can join while space is available. Students in younger grades can join a waitlist for our next Young Explorers courses which meets for an hour daily over 20 days each month. 

  • My child is shy, nervous, stammers - can they still enroll? A majority of our students are shy. Fear of public speaking is common in adults and kids. Shy kids can gradually gain confidence in a controlled environment and advance to become successful leaders. This takes time. We encourage shy kids with a safe small group environment to express their views from the comfort of their home. Debate does not require any memorization - we remove such obstacles, encouraging deeper thinking and the use of notes to gradually build confidence. 

  • How is your approach different? Our courses are taught exclusively by instructors from Stanford University. Mr. Kacholia has developed a unique pedagogy to teach students important content through debate, while advancing their debate and life skills with a highly rigorous and evidence-based format of debate. We are also the official, exclusive partners of the world's largest organization in this field, the U.S. NSDA. We take a real-world approach, using games and challenges to engage in practice each session, while gradually imparting theory and encouraging self-reflection and engaging discussions to articulate evidence-based reasoning. We dive deep into each topic area, evaluating evidence from multiple perspectives. We challenge kids to move beyond their personal opinions to develop an appreciation for alternative viewpoints based on evidence. U.S. NSDA debate has been proven over 95+ years to foster balanced leadership and no other academic activity has the extent of research supporting the academic, college, and life benefits. Our approach is very different than traditional courses on public speaking and elocution. This is not an elocution class. We don't memorize speeches. Our format of debate is designed to extend gifted children.

  • How do I register and pay? Sign-up here to join GC or GC+You'll automatically receive electronic payment instructions to your registered email. Once your payment has been received, you'll receive enrollment confirmation.

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